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12 August 2007 @ 11:07 am
alone again, and on the job (open)  
There had been a brief moment of disappointment in Mystique after Mfanwy decided to leave the job. But Mystique had to push that feeling away and concentrate on the job ahead.

She drove in silence and for a long while did not think about her "granddaughter". Soon she was entering into New York and driving towards her first destination.

Without a word, she parked the car and got out. Mystique would have to be very careful, because there were many heroes still around New York. But she had to check over the place where a certain criminal had broken into SHIELD. Look for clues to who was responsible. After all, there had been rumors that SHIELD files had been copied, and Mystique had to find out if that meant someone knew about her and her weaknesses or not.
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